Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fine Wine-1

I decided to start a weekly post that will be called "Fine Wine". I am far from being some sort of EDM connoisseur but in my defense, I love this music and have been listening to it long enough as to be able to give a strong opinion about the different genres.
What Fine Wine will consist of is a song, I feel, that takes more then a few listens to fully enjoy. These songs won't be the most catchy or filthy or popular right off the bat but as (you) the listener take the time to sip it through the ears and swirl around the brain, you'll find the true beauty in each delectable track.
Broaden your electronic music horizon! Cheers to yo' camera!

Zocalo ft. Gabriel & Dresden

 Although I have been posting a lot of electro and house, I am a big trance fan as well. Produced by the #1 DJ in the world, Armin van Buuren, this track takes you on a magical unicorn adventure past the 13 moons of Pluto and beyond. Enjoy.


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