Saturday, October 16, 2010

Disco, Disco!

I don't know how I'd classify these next two tracks...electro disco house? But what I CAN say is that they are phunky phresh!! Ladies and gentlemen....
G-g-g-g-GET DOWN!
*Quick note: It so happens that both the tracks have the word "Burnin" in them. Complete coincidence...

Burning Hot (Boemklatsch Remix)
(This track takes the tempo all over the place, try to keep up or slow down if you can!)

(Taking it back to the old school! Yo parents will love this banger!)

Love, Peace, Chicken Grease,

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It's a beautiful Saturday so here is a bonus track! It doesn't really have that specific disco sound but it has the word disco in it so it counts! 

Tricky Disco 2k10 (DJ's From Mars Club Remix)

This is a classic Euro-Electro-Hau5-Banghhhaaa! harvest harvest harvest!!!

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