Thursday, January 21, 2010

GET down. My neck, my back remixx

Throwback joint: get down, get dirty, and fight the beat with this derrty "smash" up of Khia's My Neck My Back.

Click to Listen/Download (Harvest)

Remember Jersey Shores Finale tonight!!
Get rowdy with the Jersey Shores drinking game.

Make sure you have lots of drinks available to you and your friends and everyone has to take a drink when:
  • Someone uses the word 'guido' or 'guidette'
  • If anyone, especially Vinny, fist pumps
  • If a guy has no shirt on
  • If a girl is wearing a bikini top
  • If Pauley talks about, uses hair gel or fixes his hair
  • Mike refers to himself as 'The Situation'
  • There is a fight (the one at the nightclub in episode 2 would have been a prime example)
  • Someone talks about being 'classy' or describes someone else as 'not classy'
  • Anyone wears Ed Hardy

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