Friday, November 27, 2009

Tik Tok Alarm Clock

Tik Tok is sucha hot song! (like 4 weeks ago)... but we still like this remix. Its complex and edgy. Completely remastered with crazy instrumentals that create a dark melodic vibe. "Tik Tok (Chuck Bucket Mix)

Have A Good Day N Night

This has to be the best Day N Nite Remix we have ever heard. And that's saying a lot considering how many Day N Nite mixes we have. Freshly picked from our greenhouse of b33ts! Well produced by DJ Manik, "Day N Nite (Break Remix)"

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm The S**T (Party Starter)

All DJ's need a great opening song. The Dream Team has put together one of the best top40 inspired intro songs ever. "I'm The Ish (Party Starter Segway)" Ft. DJ Class

Fat Man All Night Long

Lets face it, Lionell Richie is great and Fat Man Scoop doesn't really do anything he just says a bunch of random words. But together they make a great combo "All Night Long (DJ Smurf Club Remix)

Pon De Sexy Bitch

So out of the 50 or so "Sexy Bitch" remixes I'd say this hits the top 5 list. Perfect Mashup! David Guetta vs. Major Lazer

Transform Your Glowsticks

A jumpy little remix, perfect tempo. I'd let Chris Brown transform me any day with this dance jam! "I Can Transform Ya (FreeSchoolRemix)"

Little Bit of Drunk

This is a 100% guarantee to get your crowd dancing. "The Dunk Experience" some hot thump for your rump!

Ice Ice Cold

This is one for all you House Heads, DJ Deville sure did a number on this one its Cold As Ice Club Remix. Perfect for Winter!
Click Here To Download

Jay Z Does Usher's Yeah!

Hot Mashup with Usher "Yeah" vs Jay Z's classic tracks.
This one's a thumper!

Opps I Did Miley Again

Miley vs Britney
Hot track, with a clean transition! Enjoy!